Street photography in NYC

Just got my DXO camera. I love having it with me. You shoot from the hip, blind. But you capture what you see, hopefully without your subject knowing that you are taking photos.

Real moments. New York has a real gritty feel. I hope I will be able to capture some of this that I feel when walking around.


How to deliver real emotions with limited time on a hospital xmas photo shoot

In a photo shoot we always have pressures to produce many portraits in a day, with quality lighting.

The challenge is how do you create that required emotion in a short space of time, under an artificial setup situation.

I decided on this photo shoot to try something different.

First of all I lit the shoot will only tungsten lighting so that there wouldn’t be the constant interruption of the flash.

Secondly I brought in short video clips to set the emotional landscape which the subjects watched.

Thirdly we had a social worker from the hospital talk to the subjects about their experience at the hospital photo shoot.

From there I just subtly directed the subjects once the emotion was there.

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