How to deliver real emotions with limited time on a hospital xmas photo shoot

In a photo shoot we always have pressures to produce many portraits in a day, with quality lighting.

The challenge is how do you create that required emotion in a short space of time, under an artificial setup situation.

I decided on this photo shoot to try something different.

First of all I lit the shoot will only tungsten lighting so that there wouldn’t be the constant interruption of the flash.

Secondly I brought in short video clips to set the emotional landscape which the subjects watched.

Thirdly we had a social worker from the hospital talk to the subjects about their experience at the hospital photo shoot.

From there I just subtly directed the subjects once the emotion was there.

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Using film directing to get the emotion in photography.

This was a personal shoot in my continuing series of portraits working from the shadow.

A few years ago I took a film directors course; in it we discussed the idea of asking the actor to base their performance on a real event that made them feel a certain way to drive the emotional response in a scene.

Having an opportunity to work with an actor that works in film I thought I would work with him using this as a base for the emotions that I wanted him to convey in my portrait.


Lifestyle shoot in northern Ontario

I recently returned from Northern Ontario where I did a shoot for a new luxury camping venture.

They wanted a more editorial approach.

So these shot with mostly available light.

I was impressed by the richness of the colours.

What was a little different for me was shooting  landscape.

As a people photographer the person in the photograph has always been the main frame of reference for me.

Its still about telling the story visually.

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